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Why Faceter is the next big thing?
Miners and Fog computing
Faceter Token is a fuel of the FOG
Team & Advisers
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01.Token Sale 02.Why Faceter is the next big thing? 03.Miners and Fog computing 04.Faceter Token is a fuel of the FOG 05.Team & Advisers 06.Roadmap 07.Events 08.Answers to Your Questions

Join Surveillance
Markets Revolution

Сomputer vision surveillance technology powered by fog network of miners

Why own FACE tokens?

The number of tokens is fixed. No additional tokens will ever be created

FACE is the only closed-loop settlement mechanism within Faceter decentralized network

FACE is the fuel of a decentralized network enabling GPU-miners to enabling GPU-miners to utilize their existing equipment

Unique features of Faceter

The #1 smart security solution for millions of households worldwide

5 years of experience in AI and computer vision. 99,78% accuracy proven by independent testing

Any GPU owner can join the Faceter network and mine FACE tokens by contributing to global security

Token Sale has ended successfully!


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Token Sale has ended successfully!


Total raised
$10M in 20 sec


Buy FACE now


Google revolutionized the Internet 20 years ago. Faceter does the same now to make video data meaningful.

Ken Huang, ex. Chief Blockchain Expert at Huawei Technologies, VP


Why Faceter is the next big thing?

In next 3 years over 1 billion cameras will be installed across the globe, producing petabytes of video recordings daily. Faceter is designed to perform big data video analysis in realtime – extracting faces, objects and events resulting in the transformation of these meaningless recordings into meaningful assets.

What is Faceter?
Demo application:


Faceter uses all the opportunities of smart contracts to deliver flexible, transparent payment options and proof–of–recognition mechanisms to a Fog computing.

FACE Token

The Faceter token is the “fuel” of a decentralized network enabling flexible, transparent, cross-border closed-loop settlement mechanism for all participants.

Fog computing

Cryptocurrency miners will perform recognition calculations in a decentralized computing network like they do when participating in Ether mining.

Proven by tests

The technology’s algorithm was proven by LFW and MegaFace test, which are the most trusted in the industry.

Facial recognition

Greatly enhances the capabilities of video surveillance systems to detect potential threats or such events as a smiling customer, a focused employee, etc.

Data protection

Faceter does not process the source video stream outside its trusted environment; only anonymized data is transferred to decentralized networks.



CCTV potential market


Security cameras will be installed
worldwide by 2019

Miners and Fog computing

Video stream analysis requires immense computing power. We are building a decentralized network that implements fog computing, drastically reducing the price of our product to make it affordable for homeowners and business owners around the world.

Faceter Token
is a fuel of the FOG

The token is the core of the decentralized network, both as a Proof of Recognition and a flexible, transparent, closed-loop cross-border settlement mechanism for all participants.

FACE Token
in Faceter
Token Details

February 5, 2018 – February 15, 2018

Tokens to sell:108,000,000 FACE

Bonus program:50%, 40%, 30%, 20% determined by whitelist position. Extra 5% bonus for individual purchases greater than $10,000

Token Sale:
February 15, 2018 – March 30, 2018*

Tokens to sell:300,000,000 FACE

Bonus program:20% for early contributors only

Soft cap:50,000,000 FACE

Token Usage:
Miner rewards, License issuance

Ethereum, ERC20

Token Ticker:

Initial Price:
1000 FACE = 0.0872 ETH

All tokens that will not
be sold through the
token sale will be

Token Delivery Date:
1 week after closing
token sale

Token Distribution
Free sale:408,000,000 FACE (40.8%)
The reserve pool to ensure the operation of the system since its launch308,000,000 FACE (30.8%)
Team bonus (with sale restrictions for 2 years)150,000,000 FACE (15%)
Bounty program5,000,000 FACE (0.5%)
Advisers remuneration60,000,000 FACE (6.0%)
Bonuses at early stages69,000,000 FACE (6.9%)

Total token supply1,000,000,000

Intended Use of Proceeds
43%R&D and Hardware
and Integration

Smart Contract

Development & Security Audit by Ambisafe

Source code on Github.com

Information on Etherscan.io


An international team with extensive R&D experience at computer vision, as well as managing a high-tech international business.

Robert Pothier
CEO, Co-founder
Robert Pothier
CEO, Co-founder
Top manager with an impressive experience in large companies (Pinnacle Micro, Walletone.com, etc). He developed and implemented projects in the fields of e-wallets, gambling, KYC, as well as banking solutions in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and several African countries.
Vladimir Tchernitski
Co-founder, CTO
Vladimir Tchernitski
Co-founder, CTO
Professional with 20 years of experience in software development and 4 years in neural networks, computer vision and biometry algorithm development. Was a head of the R&D team of the outsourcing software developing company for several years.
Paul Scott
Business Development
Paul Scott
Business Development
Seasoned professional in financial markets and emerging-market technologies with deep-level FinTech, InsurTech and Big Data ecosystem knowledge, including utilisation of leading-edge technologies. The focus for the last 2-years has become the inherent benefits in Blockchain technology and the nascent opportunities this presents for a decentralised global economy.
Jayson Gouws
Solutions and Distribution
Jayson Gouws
Solutions and Distribution
Specialist in security technologies with more than 20 years of experience. Vast experience in the sale of video surveillance systems and large-scale security projects at the regional and city levels.
Graham Perry
Sales and Distribution
Graham Perry
Sales and Distribution
With over 30 years of industry experience Graham has worked for organizations such as British Aerospace, De La Rue, Fuji, SAP and Microsoft, as well as creating and building several start-up ventures of his own. He has been involved in the Security and Built Environment sector for the past 15 years and has extensive client experience throughout both Europe and Africa.
Aleksandr Chernov
Tech Lead
Aleksandr Chernov
Tech Lead
Expert in full-stack administration, as well as front-end and backend programming. Professional in product design and analytics. Worked as a team leader and a system analyst at walletone.com, taaasty.com and others.
Anton Ivashkevich
Anton Ivashkevich
Professional with 8 years of product design experience. Expertise areas are adaptive web and mobile interfaces, design, prototyping. Worked as a lead designer in projects with millions of users (Viber Wallet and more).
Vitaliy Kuzmenko
Mobile Development
Vitaliy Kuzmenko
Mobile Development
High qualified Mobile developer and UI expert with 5 years of experience. Worked on mobile solutions for walletone.com, pay.cards, taaasty.com and siberian.pro projects.


Igor Karavaev
Investor Relations
Igor Karavaev
Investor Relations
Serial investor relations advisor of blockchain projects, top expert at icobench. Ex-executive Director at the Skolkovo Foundation, the leading Russian business incubator of hi-tech start-ups. Worked as a head of strategy, investments and business development of the largest international corporations.
Ken Huang
Senior Academic Advisor
Ken Huang
Senior Academic Advisor
Before joining Huawei in December 2015, Ken worked for CGI Federal office in USA for 18 years and served as its Director of Cyber Security and Director of Cloud Security. He established CGI Federal Identity Management Practice during his time at CGI. He has consulted to the United States Federal Government, numerous Financial Institutions and utility companies, providing expertise in Finance, Blockchain and Cyber Security.


Fulfilling Sci-Fi Predictions


Alpha version of Faceter for B2B is released

Proof-Of-Concept of Faceter for mass-market (centralized version)


Token Sale

Building modular architecture and adapting Faceter to fog computing networks to reduce computation costs

Developing Android, iOS, Apple TV applications

Developing a module for classifying individuals in videos to augment the event-based model with the following features: sex, age, race, emotions

New team members: growing IT department

Launching beta version of Faceter running on a fog and starting sales in the mass market segment

Adding a “user friendly” option: store video archives in decentralized IPFS-based storage providers


Developing integrated solutions in collaboration with hardware vendors

Tracking visitors with partially or completely hidden faces. Recognizing body type features: height, weight, build

New team members: sales and business development specialists

Vehicle detection and recognition in video, including recognition of numbers using cameras with sufficient resolution

Partnership agreements with video camera vendors regarding Faceter preinstallation

Developing a technology for detecting different events in the cameras’ scope: run, fall, fight, unattended items, hazardous situations (flame, smoke, vibration, non-standard noise etc.)

Launching a fully functional decentralized version of Faceter


Blockchain Economic Forum 2018

Singapore – 5-6, February 2018.

As a centrally-located hub in South-East Asia, many local and nearby neighbors had the opportunity to visit the Forum. The region is well known for its cryptocurrency and Blockchain knowledge and are usually very well informed of the potential of the market.

CryptoEconomy 2018

San Francisco, London, Amsterdam

In January the Faceter team is taking part in the global road show CryptoEconomy.

The conferences and exhibitions in the first round will be arranged in three cities: San Francisco, London and Amsterdam, and in each of them you will have a chance to communicate with members of our team.

CryptoSpace 2017

Moscow, Russia – December 2017

We visited the conference — CryptoSpace 2017 in Moscow and met a lot of interesting people. We discussed our plans with Miko Matsumura (Miko Matsumura) and had talks with many other brilliant people

Answers to Your Questions

How do you use Blockchain in your product?

We use blockchain in different ways:

  • for building a decentralized infrastructure (so called fog computing), which will meet the requirements of the facial recognition tasks;
  • for receiving payments from customers and fix orders in smart-contracts, and transferring payment to miners (participants of our fog network, with them we will sign up smart-contracts as well);

We need a decentralized infrastructure because it will help us to provide a consumer version of our solution and make our product affordable for homeowners and small businesses globally. Facial recognition and computer vision technologies are very expensive because they consume a lot of computer resources. As I mentioned we have a working solution and we have interest of potential business users. But current classic infrastructure architecture can't be used for providing mass market solution – it is too costly. So, we will develop our solution to be able to pass the processing work over to existing miners in the blockchain industry. This decentralization will drastically reduce the price of the solution. Even if we offer Ethereum miners 5 times more than they are currently getting to mine cryptos, it will be still financially feasible for us. With PoS becoming more popular there is a growing concern for miners as they have the hardware but mining less as mining pools continue to get larger and more demanding.

In the future, smart-contracts with customers can also become part of collective security network, integrated with police databases. So that police will be able to distribute pictures of wanted criminals, lost kids, stolen cars and so forth.

Is Faceter token part of your business-model?

Yes, it is a necessary part of our business model. It is the main cryptocoin for payments which we get from customers and which we send to participants of our decentralized network. If customer pays by fiat money, we convert them into Faceter tokens via ShapeShift-like exchange.

Do you have a product already?

We have market-ready product for business customers – they can buy it by classic software license and install it on-premise. The technology is tested in real life situations in three PoC projects: in casino, in Debonairs pizzerias (one of the most popular fastfood chain in South Africa) and in plant. All potential customers gave a good testimonials and are eager to sign-up agreements. The PoC project was realized with our partner – EPI-USE, exclusive representative and distributor of SAP in South Africa. We successfully integrated Faceter into SAP ERP business system. Faceter is also certificated by Axis (one of the biggest global video camera manufacturer), it means that software was tested in Axis cameras and showed high level of compatibility.

Our computer vision algorithm for facial recognition shows 99,78% accuracy (top-6) according to LFW benchmark and 79.46% (top-10) by MegaFace.

On the next stage of project development, we will build decentralized network. It will allow us drastically reduce cost on infrastructure and bring our computer vision technology for intellectual surveillance to the mass market.

Does your team have required experience to accomplish roadmap goals?

CTO and one of the founders of Faceter Vladimir Tchernitski has more than 25 years of experience in software development. Before Faceter he was the head of R&D-department of international outsource software development company, where he started to work with convolutional neural networks, more than 4 years ago. The current Faceter’s team, by guidance of Vladimir, has already developed a successful product – opensource library pay.cards for banking cards data recognition, which became very popular among mobile application developers worldwide and was downloaded more than 25 000 times.

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